What's it all about?

  • Doddie's Active Inter-District challenge is a mass participation exercise event running through January 2021.
  • Join one of the 5 teams from the old Scottish Inter-District championship: The South, Edinburgh, Glasgow, North & Midlands and Scottish Exiles.
  • Donate to join your District and you'll get a free team snood sent out to you.
  • Log any exercise you take and your miles go into your District's total. Any exertion counts, even skiing, sailing and horse riding!
  • On 6th Feb the #DoddieAID Inter-District champions will be unveiled for the most generous district with the most members who have logged the most miles!

How to take part

To join #DoddieAID follow these simple steps:

  1. Select your chosen team here, donate and order your free snood.
  2. Download the trac4good app onto your phone
    Check our Frequently Asked Questions if you need help with the app
  3. Join your team and start logging all your active miles.
  4. Post a photo of you in your team snood on social media and recruit all your friends, family & workmates to join Doddie's amazing cause!

Get behind your team

Rory Lawson

The South

The South

5,840 members

£121,142 raised

257,961.3 miles

0 conversions

1 Grand National Winner

Davy Zyw



4,195 members

£112,209 raised

189,812.9 miles

0 conversions

6 Olympic Golds

1 Commando

Kelly Brown



4,244 members

£108,317 raised

133,377.3 miles

0 conversions

1 Spartan Warrior

1 Soapy MacTavish

John Barclay

North & Midlands

North & Midlands

7,657 members

£184,966 raised

341,085.2 miles

2 conversions

1 Jedi Knight

1 Ice Queen

Jim Hamilton

Scottish Exiles

Scottish Exiles

3,813 members

£116,058 raised

167,382.4 miles

0 conversions

1 RWC Cup-Lifter

Get the App

Step 1

Download the Trac4Good App.

Step 2

Pick your team and get moving.

Step 3


Problems with the app? Need help getting started?
Check our Frequently Asked Questions for advice.

The Social Buzz

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