About #DoddieAID

Doddie's story has touched the rugby world. To fearlessly face down his diagnosis and raise £7 million in 3 years for MND research has been mind blowing. And to have done it with a smile never far from his lips, and humour punctuating every call to action, Doddie does inspire.

#DoddieAID is a way for us all to do our little bit to help him in his quest to find better treatments for this awful condition, and Doddie being Doddie, we hope it is going to be a lot of fun.

In a nutshell, Doddie’s Christmas plans carry a very real risk of adding a few Festive pounds round his midriff. He needs to get that shifted through January, and could do with our help. Best way to support him is to sign up for the #DoddieAID exercise challenge which will run through January until the Calcutta Cup KO.

The Teams

To add an element of competition (did I forget to mention that he is extreeeeemely competitive?), we are setting up the 5 teams from the old Inter District championship. The South, Edinburgh, Glasgow, North & Midlands and the Exiles. See the Scoreboard page for the 4 criteria the Districts will be competing in. Once signed up for your District, for a small donation you will get your free district snood, and then you need to start logging all your exercise miles, be it walking the dog, rowing on an Ergo, climbing a hill or skiing back down, or measuring your steps through the working day; anything you TRY, they all count.


The other key way you can help your District is to spread the word and recruit your friends and family into the team. They do not need to be local, or even from the District, or for that matter, Scottish at all. You can score CONVERSIONS by recruiting any poor soul not lucky enough to be born Scottish. The more interesting or well kent they are, the more bonus points you earn when you message your conversion on the Doddie Gump Facebook page via Facebook Messenger. Hopefully your District Manager and 2 Captains will be leading the way on major conversions. But who are you going to sign up?


At the end of the challenge, the scoreboards will be added up for each team to find out which District will be crowned 2021 INTER-DISTRICT CHAMPION!

So follow the link to your team on the How to Join page, make a donation, give your details for your snood to be sent out, load the trac4good app onto you phone so you can log your miles, set yourself a distance challenge for the 5 weeks, and then share the excitement with your friends and family via social media or by mouth. And most importantly, start converting the heathen!

What exercise counts?

All measurable exercise counts, whether you are walking the dog, running, cycling, counting your steps or on a cross training in the gym. If you find marathons easy or walking to the shops hard, this event is for everyone, any ability!

How to log miles?

You can use your phone to trac miles in the app as you exercise, or you can manually upload gym exercise or from garmin devices, using the "Report" button on Apple and the "Submit" button on Android.