Problems getting started with the Trac4Good app? Check the Frequently asked Questions below.


Can I log my Zoom, Swift, Peloton miles on static exercise equipment?

Yes, you can. Once signed up to your team on the app, clicked ‘Take Part’ and pledge your miles. Go to the event in 'My Events' and tap on the option to manually 'submit' or 'report' your miles. Choose the activity, enter the miles and submit, note 50 miles is the maximum distance in one session. 

I can’t get the app to start tracking

99% will be either settings or GPS connectivity…
Under your mobile phone ‘settings’ allow the app to know your location, click on ‘always’, the app is using your phones GPS like all other apps. GPS is a radio navigation system-it uses radio waves between satellites and a receiver inside your phone to provide location and time information to log your tracks.

If tracking is still not working, then it’s mostly likely your GPS connectivity, your signal at the time is too low. Maybe turn phone the off and on to see if GPS connects, alternatively do the activity intended and then use the option to manually upload your miles.

Can I log miles without giving my location?

Yes, you can manually upload any miles without tracking. Go to the event in 'My Events' and tap on the option to manually 'submit' or 'report' your miles. The maximum submitting in one session is 50 miles. 

Signing up - I can’t make the ‘own distance’ pledge work on Android

It is possible, but can be slower on the old app versions, therefore, make sure you have the newest version of the app downloaded. After typing the distance, hide the keyboard, the submit button is behind it.
Alternatively, you can sign up for a pre-set mileage and then edit your pledge in ‘My events’ on the app.

When I choose to take part and pledge my miles it says ‘unknown error’ try again?

This will most probably be connectivity at the time of making your pledge. Your pledge for some reason is not connecting to the app server. Check internet, 4G etc, and try later as it should work. You might need to delete the app and load it again.